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October 16, 2017

Lashier is undefeeted


As a believer of the saying, “beauty is pain,” Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier attributes her medical issue to means beyond her control and aesthetic based decisions.
Ever since she was in high school, Dr. Lashier has known that she would eventually need surgery to correct the bunions on her feet.
“My need for a bunionectomy was because of genetics and because I like cute shoes,” Dr. Lashier said. “Towards the end of last school year, I started developing cysts on top of each bunion so that is why I ultimately needed the surgery, because every shoe hurt.”
Bilateral bunionectomy would be a crucial procedure in correcting the positioning of her joints. Bunions are bony bumps on the joint of the big toe and begin with the joint tilting inwards.
The surgery needed to fix bunions rearranges the tissue around the joint. This helps realign the joint to a manageable position, but does not guarantee permanent comfort.
On Aug. 22, her doctor surgically altered the joints in her left foot to fix the positioning of her toes and to prevent more ganglion cysts from growing on the bunions. Her right foot was operated a couple of months after, on Sep. 26.
“I like to constantly moving in classrooms and outside,” Dr. Lashier said. “Gratefully, I have a scooter which helps me get around more effectively and efficiently than getting around on crutches, however a scooter is still not the same as the ability of my two feet.”
Each surgery lasts two hours, but the pain extends into her daily life. The principal opted for the scooter over crutches. Lashier prefers the handy transportation, but the constant kneeling began to bruise her knees and strain her left foot from pushing.
“Right now I don’t have range of motion in my feet, but I’m looking forward to regaining that range of motion and anxious to see how that’ll happen,” Dr. Lashier said. “I was in enough discomfort that I was actually looking forward to my surgery.”
Due to many years with discomfort with her medical condition, Dr. Lashier has a high tolerance for pain, but the occasional sparks of pain pre and post surgery has almost been unbearable for her.

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