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October 16, 2017

Caked with sweets


Among the busy plazas and business centers along Atlantic Boulevard, one of LA’s cutest bakery shops may easily go by unnoticed. Nestled in the heart of Monterey Park, Caked LA is one of the most whimsical bakeries within the area, serving up a variety of delicious drinks, appetizers and desserts all adorned with childlike decor.
Caked LA was pretty hard to find. With its depressing, rugged white exterior it could have easily turned customers away, but once inside, the magic instantly hits. What was perceived as a normal bakery environment was instead a uniquely captivating atmosphere with the sweet aromas of the cotton candy and cookies enveloping you once you walked into the store.
Along with the smell of pastries, quiet pop music played in the background and accompanied the soothing warm light from hanging rolling pins. Like a trip to paradise, the cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns that frolicked the bakery’s walls and fixtures welcomed its customers to not only enjoy the food, but also absorb the playful vibe as well.
The bakery sells a variety of items such as cloud drinks or rainbow cakes, with prices ranging from $3.50 to $10. Two items that stood out would be the oversized macaron ice cream sandwich for $4.75 and the pink unicorn milkshake for $9.50. The macaron ice cream sandwich came in either blue or purple accompanied by flavors like vanilla or cotton candy. Though the sandwich looked, smelled and tasted delicious, full of complimenting tart and sweet flavor, it was ruined by the fact that the macaroon was hard as a rock.
On the other hand the milkshake exceeded all of my expectations. Within ten minutes of my order, the oversized milkshake made an entrance as extravagant as its own decorations. With marshmallows and candy strewn about the shake, which gave it a fairy tale unicorn look, the milkshake tasted smooth and sweet. The pink unicorn milkshake has a strong strawberry flavored, presenting itself as the best part of Caked LA with quantity and quality one could only find in a dream land.
This bakery stands out not only for the pleasant way the items are presented, but also for the ingenious way in which varying sweet, tart, creamy and fruity flavors mingle in order to make a rainbow of delicious drinks and treats. Overall, the treats like the macaroon ice cream sandwich were a tad disappointing because of how hard it was. On the other hand the unicorn milkshake was not only delicious, but reasonably priced due to its large portion size and aesthetic appeal.
Caked LA is the perfect place to go for all things sugar, spice and everything nice. With its diverse variety of treats and drinks as well, it is hard for any customer to simply sit still in such a wonderland. Although everything seems perfect, Caked LA is really a bakery someone would only want to come on occasion or for special celebrations rather than relaxatio

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