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October 16, 2017

Getting pupped up for Halloween

larry and alva

One of the joys of Halloween is dressing up, but some pet owners take the extra step to dress their lovable pets in costumes. From cute fairies, to not so scary pirates, these Rams share their stories of dressing up their pups.

“I’m going to dress up my dog, Larry, as a pirate or a ninja turtle. We adopted him with one eye so I thought that it’ll be fun to get him a pirate eye patch or an eye mask. Since I make my own costumes every year, I thought making it for him would fit the idea in my head better than through a kit.”

— English teacher and Yearbook advisor Ms. Lynn Alvarez

“Two years ago, I stopped by Target with my family and saw dog costumes, so we got the idea of dressing her up since we bring her out for trick-or-treating. We bought the sugar plum fairy one and everyone thought it was so cute.”

— Junior Annika Chong

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