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Temple City High School


October 16, 2017

Dance like someone’s watching


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Madison Hoiby


sam phot

Mission Kimpossible: Not my type of treat

Personally, the idea of Halloween hasn’t really been that enticing for me as I’ve grown up. Now don’t get me wrong, creating a costume for both Rampage and ASBL never fails to put a smile on my face, but other than that, ...
by Samuel Kim

larry and alva

Getting pupped up for Halloween

One of the joys of Halloween is dressing up, but some pet owners take the extra step to dress their lovable pets in costumes. From cute fairies, to not so scary pirates, these Rams share their stories of dressing up their pups....
by Alison Chen


Body rolls, not gender roles

When it comes to high school dances, I am firmly in support. Dress shopping is something I mark down on my calendar and look forward to all week. I love dances, and even though my dancing, personally speaking, is subpar, I alwa...
by Charlie Dodge



News Briefs

Dance Concert The annual dance concert at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on Jan. 13 showcased a wide range of talented groups with performances centered around the theme “The Story Within.” “The theme for the dance con...
by Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso


Teachers tell terrifying tales

For any horror fanatic, there is nothing better than a scary story for Halloween season. Just as the newest season of “American Horror Story” is based on a true story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, these historical tales ar...
by Thalia Loi



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