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Temple City High School


November 6, 2017

News Briefs

New addition of old equipment
When teachers were moving into the new buildings before the school year started, many were surprised to see that there were no whiteboards and only the monitors.
The school’s administration chose not to include whiteboards and tackboards because they first wanted teachers to experiment with the new technology available and see if it was sufficient enough to teach their classes.
“Just adding more technology does not necessarily lead to better instruction,” AP Literature teacher Mr. Ryan Hoague said. “There is a place for something practical and old school, like a whiteboard.”
For some of the teachers in the new classrooms, the monitors were definitely not sufficient and they requested for the two types of boards. Due to the limited amount of wall space, teachers were allowed to order up to four whiteboards and tackboards in total for their classrooms.
The boards will not replace the five current monitors and will be installed at teachers’ preference. As the order is being finalized, those who made requests eagerly await the arrival of the boards in order to be more efficient with their instruction.
Building dedication
Members of the community erupted in applause when Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier, Superintendent Ms. Kathy Perini, Board of Education President Mr. Larry Martson and Vice President Mr. John Pomeroy collectively pulled off the black covering to unveil the plaque that commemorates the establishment of the new buildings.
Students, staff, members of the board of education and other attendees celebrated the occasion on Oct. 19 at 5 P.M. with a variety of sugary and colorful cookies and performances from Band, Honors Orchestra and Pep.
As the main speaker of the event, Ms. Perini recognized and gave thanks to those who contributed to the construction.
Members of the Citizens Oversight Committee, citizens who oversaw the funds regarding the construction bond, received commemorative bricks of the previous buildings as a token of their contribution throughout the duration of the project.
Since the beginning of the school year, the amount of issues, such as broken elevators, with the new buildings have been minimized. However, TELACU Construction Management is still performing minor construction to resolve the minor concerns in the new building that remain.

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