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Temple City High School


November 6, 2017

The Little Mermaid Production Opportunities


This year’s musical “The Little Mermaid”, is giving many opportunities with a maximum of one hundred students to willing to join. Auditions will be set in the
choir room on Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th and will be given the chance to perform in the San Gabriel Playhouse on Feb. 22nd.

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wild fries for lasT TIME or no

Wildfires in California

Wildfires have been proportionately increasing with global warming since the 1980’s in both duration and frequency. Because of the excessively dry weather, fires are more likely to ignite by heat of the sun. The National Weat...
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Student to computer ratio

As of this moment, the school is looking to buy more computers in hopes of bringing the student to computer ratio closer to one to one. To raise funds this year, Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier has created a plan where the schoo...
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