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November 6, 2017

A-dressing the issue

a-dressing the issue

In many homes, dressing and stuffing are used interchangeably to reference the steamy mixture of bread and croutons. The one glaring difference between stuffing and dressing is that stuffing is traditionally stuffed into the turkey while classic dressings are roasted separately from the turkey.



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Michelle Zhang
Michelle Zhang is a staff writer that enjoys listening to music, eating, socializing with friends, and sleeping.



Culinary Club members create feast

Besides the quality family time that Thanksgiving brings, this holiday is also about eating delicious foods, like turkey and pumpkin pie. Culinary Arts club Co-presidents Seniors Jasmine Chan and Kevin Thang have some tips on h...
by Bobbins Moose


Insights from ELD classes on campus

Not many people know about the different levels of ELD that newcomers take when they move to TCHS. There are three levels and ELD students have the opportunity to go on to Sheltered English by taking the CELDT Test. “I feel p...
by Bobbins Moose



Put a twist on a traditional Thanksgiving

Fill the season of festivities with food that brings people together. If you’re invited to a party or getting together with family and friends, think about bringing little bites filled with big flavor without having to turn o...
by Bobbins Moose


Fill your heart and stomach this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving brings back memories of the lovely food of previous years and touching family reunions, but along with that comes the anxiety of seeing distant family and the fear of gaining the dreaded Thanksgiving three pounds. ...
by Bobbins Moose



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