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November 6, 2017

Dodgey Discourse: Keepin’ it local


In this day and age, when everything and anything can be bought online and delivered to one’s doorstep, I believe shopping locally is more important than ever.
Of course, this applies to all types of business, but personally, my favorite kind of local shopping is a farmer’s market.
My favorite thing to get is locally produced honey or jam. Eating locally grown foods is much more beneficial overall. For one, local food is full of flavor. Because the food at farmer’s markets is grown locally, there’s no need to harvest the produce early and ship it out.
Thus, the produce is picked and sold at peak ripeness. In fact, products available at farmer’s markets are often picked 24 hours before it reaches the stands.
Food that is produced in your natural environment can be better adapted towards your body. Eating local honey, for example, often helps with things like allergies.
I admit I’m biased because I have family directly involved in local farmer’s markets, my uncle is a butcher, who exclusively purchases meat from local farmers in Hesperia, Paso Robles, central California and more.
It’s because of him that I’ve been to the farmers markets in Arcadia, West Hollywood, and Downey.
However, I realize that buying local produce can seem impossible whether it’s because of high prices or hard-to-find markets.
Luckily, there are a few other ways to get your food organically and locally. There are many online services such as, which will ship local and organic produce directly to you.

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