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December 8, 2017

Lizten Up: That’s Christmas to me


With the end of December coming up quick, one can’t avoid the holiday songs about Santa Claus or hanging giant socks by the fireplace. As someone who has a traditional Chinese household, where western holidays are not as prevalent or celebrated, I’ve never quite had your typical Christmas experience.
Holidays for most, represent a time of great celebration. I have friends whose families go all out, decorating their houses to the point where they look like Christmas cards. They bustle through malls to find the perfect gift or stress to plan the perfect holiday dinner. These days mean the entire world to them and some spend all year in anticipation of these couple of weeks where the world seems to stand still for celebration.
Western holidays, such as Christmas, don’t hold the same meaning to my family. My family has never put up colorful, twinkly Christmas lights nor exchanged gifts around the Christmas tree but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting a full holiday experience.
For every person, the holiday season means something different. It means spending time with family. We spend the holidays like any other day and cherish each other’s company and that is what Christmas means to me. It is a time I can fondly look back on and know that they were filled to the brim with joy. These days I hold close to my heart and like many, I look forward to the days where I get to spend time with my family.
While I may not wish for an aquatic animal to appear in my house, light candles for eight days or even wish to see a chubby, old man with flying reindeer like some traditional holidays dictate, I do believe I’m getting the full holiday experience. No matter how you spend these next couple winter weeks, I wish you all a happy, joyous time this holiday season.

About the Author

Elizabeth Liu
Elizabeth Liu is a staff writer and is in the tenth grade. She has an undying love for dogs She also believes that math is a torture technique used to abuse humans.



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