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December 11, 2017

News Briefs

For the first time since she started high school, Senior Alisha Leong went to the annual Holiday Boutique.

Kidd on the Path to Recovery
The week following Thanksgiving break, when students and staff returned to school math teacher, Activities Director and Co-Advisor of Dragonflicks, Mr. Michael Kidd was unable to return to campus. For the past month Mr. Kidd suffered from severe headaches as well as nausea. As time progressed, his symptoms worsened leading him to visit St. John’s hospital during the holiday break.
There he discovered that the symptoms he was experiencing were due to a tumor in his brain. After transferring to Huntington Memorial Hospital Mr. Kidd was notified that he would have to undergo surgery in order to determine whether the tumor was benign or malignant and to relieve his symptoms. On Nov. 26, Mr. Kidd underwent a five hour procedure to remove the 2.5 centimeter growth from the lower right side of his brain. After multiple tests on the surgically removed tumor, it was deemed completely benign.
Mr. Kidd stayed in the hospital for 3 days, but is now currently recovering in the comfort of his home. For the time being, Ms. Kaitlyn Ellingsworth is his long term substitute, history teacher Ms. Robyn Selders is the acting Activities Director with assistance by graphics and AP Art History teacher Ms. Lisa Kidd. Co-advisor and woods teacher Mr. Elias Bourjeili will be taking care of the Dragonflicks. He is expected to return for work by late March.
Holiday Boutique
Students and staff alike made their way down to the media center to shop at the Dec. 6 to Dec.8 annual Holiday Boutique. Groups on campus and independent vendors such as Society of Friends, Graphics, Small Business, heART Club, counselor Ms. Kristen Castro and more participated in the three day sale with festive crafts and sugary goodies.
The Holiday boutique is a traditional holiday event organized by small business that students and staff have participated in for the past 30 years on campus.
Pomeroy Leaves the Board
Board member Mr. John Pomeroy announced his resignation from his position in the Board of Education of Temple City Unified School District as of Dec. 7, 2017.
“I have greatly enjoyed serving as a board member for this great district for these last four years,” Pomeroy wrote in a statement. “I am so proud of all that our students have accomplished during that time.”
Pomeroy served as a board member since 2013, and prior to his involvement he served as Chair of the Longden School Site Council. He has also coached and refereed for Temple City AYSO. Currently, Pomeroy is a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles.
“It has recently become difficult for me to devote the time to the role that our students and staff deserve, therefore, I have resigned.” Pomeroy wrote. “There are outstanding community members out there who deserve a chance to serve the district, and I am confident one of them will step up and make a great board member.”
Before the TCUSD can fill Pomeroy’s shoes, the LA County Department of Education must confirm Pomeroy’s resignation. After confirmation is received, the TCUSD will begin the process of appointing a new board member.
“It has been my honor to serve as Superintendent during John’s time on the Board.” Superintendent Kathy Perini wrote in an email. “He shares in the pride we hold for our students, one another and our numerous accomplishments.”

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