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December 11, 2017

Getting on board with Yang

Wilson yang

Junior Wilson Yang waits eagerly for winter break to grab his snowboard and visit the freshly coated slopes of Mountain High Ski Resort.
Yang became an avid snowboarder after being invited to the mountains and encouraged to try the sport when he was 10. He instantly fell in love with the thrill of cool wind blowing across his face. From that point on, snowboarding became his beloved hobby.
While most of his trips are to the Mountain High West Resort in Wrightwood, Yang enjoys visiting new ski resorts to test out his snowboarding abilities. He has visited Snow Valley in San Bernardino, Big Bear Mountain and other ski resorts in Las Vegas.
Despite being accompanied by family and friends during his trips to the ski resorts, Yang often finds himself alone on the mountains, since his skill level is more advanced than that of his company.
By the age of 14, Yang began attempting jumps and obstacles. Soon, he became comfortable with the basics and started to learn how to land midair spins such as 360s and 180s.
Yang visits the mountains a handful of times each winter, but of all his trips, his most memorable trip was the one shared with his girlfriend, Junior Megan Lee.
“I think my trip with Megan was my favorite, it’s the most memorable for sure,” Yang said. “The other times were nothing quite significant- they were just snowboarding.”
If you find yourself on a snowboard, Yang has some tips no how to get the full potential out of the experience.
First and foremost is safety. He recommends all beginners to wear a helmet and to try smaller slopes before trying the advanced ones.
Next, check your gear; the night before tightening down all your screws, make sure your gear fits and do a quick double check before getting on the ski lift.
Lastly, Yang highly encourages beginners to go with somebody willing to stay with them the entire day because it’s a lot more enjoyable sharing your falls with someone.
“Bending your knees and extending your arms will help keep your balance while first starting,” Yang said. “Expect to fall a lot, but remember to have fun!”

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