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February 11, 2018

It’s not too late for a great date

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With Valentine’s Day approaching on a Wednesday this year, finding time for a special date may seem out of question.  Amidst the homework, tests and quizzes, there just isn’t enough hours in the day.  Instead of blowing through your precious time on the night off, settle for celebrating on the weekend.  You’ll be able to ditch the long lines and crowded streets, while still managing to capture the sweet essence of the holiday.


Explore Nature $

If you’re pinching pennies this February, you shouldn’t be neglected from a memorable Valentine’s Day.  My solution: take the cheaper path, literally. Hiking is inexpensive, and a great way to get to know someone better.  There are many hiking trails within a short distance from Temple City, a personal favorite being Eaton Canyon Falls.  The path is fairly gradual and about three miles round trip, so you won’t be breaking a sweat trudging up the mountains.  Pack up a bag with blankets and granola bars to enjoy a scenic picnic accompanied by a forty foot waterfall.  There are no entrance fees for the hiking trail, making Eaton Canyon Falls a great budget-friendly alternative.

Museum Tour $$

Touring a museum is the perfect activity if you have a little more money to spend, but still want to stay in reason.  Museums like the Pasadena Museum of California Art are affordable and local, with plenty of art to offer.  With aisles full of modern painting and sculpture, you are guaranteed to stay interested.  Student tickets are $5 each with a valid ID, which is extremely reasonable considering the prime location.  Once you’ve finished admiring the art, take a short walk to the Paseo Colorado for endless dining options to fit the budget of your choice.

iPic Pasadena $$$

A couples movie will always be a Valentine’s Day classic.  While traditional theatres are great, they seem to lack that extra pizzazz sought after for special occasions.  For an extravagant movie experience, take a trip to iPic Pasadena.  This theater is decked to the nines with reclining lounge chairs, blankets, pillows and complimentary popcorn.  Each seat is complete with a service button that guests can order food from at any time.  Sets of lighted escalators lead down to an uncrowded but welcoming entrance.  The environment is dark and speakeasy, which is perfect for conversation.  Although, luxury like this doesn’t come without paying a premium.  Tickets are about $30 each, with additional food charges ranging from $8 to $18.  


All of these ideas are wonderful for Valentine’s weekend, all for different reasons.  Hiking is beautiful and compatible with all budgets, and a luxury movie theatre is a truly marvelous experience.  Although, a museum tour followed by dinner definitely stands out from the rest.  It is fairly laid-back but unique enough to ensure an exciting date.


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