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February 12, 2018

On track for a new season


The track has seen some new additions, and this time, it’s not on the player bench. Coaches Ronald Rosas, Kevin Tat and Phillippe Ueng have joined the track team to instruct players in their technique.
Each coach is responsible for a different event of track and field, with Coach Ueng as the jumping and pole vault coach, Coach Tat assisting Coach Eung with the jumping team and taking the lead for the hurdles team and Coach Rosas directing the 400 and 800 meter events, in addition to assuming the title of head coach.
“Mr. Rosas went through the full hiring process, which included a professional interview, before joining Temple City’s staff,” Athletic Director Cary Smith said. “The other two assistant coaches, who were alumni, reached out to me because they displayed interest in coaching the team, and after discussion with Mr. Rosas, they were brought on as well.”
A typical practice starts off with the track team meeting at the bleachers to listen to any updates Mr. Rosas has, followed by a quick jog around the track.The players then partake in drills, which normally begin with dynamic stretches that warm up the body through active movement.
Afterwards, the team splits off into their respective events and receives further instructions from their respective coaches.
“One of my personal goals for the season is to start off strong and finish even stronger,” Sophomore Aaron Domingo said. “What I’m especially looking forward to is the betterment of the entire team through the guidance of the new coaches. They have been really emphasizing working together as a team this year, and I think that will catapult us to success.”
In addition to leading the team into the new season, the coaches are looking forward to getting to know their players better.
“My ultimate goal for this season is to develop a sense of family within the track team,” Coach Tat said. “I think that last year, that aspect of the team wasn’t emphasized as much, and I really believe that having this sense of family is essential in bringing the team closer together and that it helps with teamwork in the long run. ”

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