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February 12, 2018

Good fortune favors the red and gold


Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and for many families, preparing the perfect outfit for the special day is taken very seriously. There are proper attire guidelines that boys and girls must follow to ensure good luck during the coming year.
Ladies celebrating Chinese New Year wear a Qipao, an extravagant Shanghai-styled dress with detailed embroidery originated from the Han Dynasty. Those celebrating Tết wear the Ào Dái, a traditional, long, silk dress from Vietnam similar to the Qipao.
These all time favorites hug the body nicely and are decorated from head to toe with images ranging from intricate flowers to the animals of the zodiac.
Senior Sydney Ho is one of the few people who has worn the Qipao to school every year on the eve or day of Chinese New Year since fourth grade. She continues this tradition in honor of her grandmother, who used to dress her up.
“I like dressing up for fun and to get into the spirit,” Ho said. “I continue the tradition to express this side of me on Chinese New Year.”
On the other hand, gentlemen wear either the male version of the Vietnamese Ào Dái, a shorter, dress-like piece that is occasionally worn with a headband, or the Chinese Cheongsam, which consists of a top and pants adorned with gold embroidery.
Sophomore Steven Salas has been wearing his Ào Dái on Tết ever since he was born. He particularly likes how comfortable the clothing is and takes pleasure in dressing up with his entire family.
“Tết is the one occasion where I get to have fun with family and take the time to remember my culture,” Salas said. “I’ve never gone back to Vietnam, so wearing this feels like I have a part of Vietnam with me.”
Black and white clothing, the colors of death, are strictly prohibited as they are believed to bring bad luck to the new year. For those who do not own a Qipao or Ào Dái, wearing red or gold is an alternative choice. Simple, modern outfit ideas such as a red long sleeve with jeans or a red dress are perfect for celebrating and remembering the Asian culture this Chinese New Year.

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Zoe Hsu
Zoe Hsu is a sophomore and staff writer. She enjoys trying new food and going on thrill rides.



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