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February 12, 2018

News Briefs


Chinese Classical Art Club
Chinese Traditional Art club celebrated Chinese New Year on Feb. 6. The club’s activities, led by club president Senior Chloe Wang and Junior Bronya Yang, included calligraphy and paper cutting.
“I do these club activities for the Lunar New Year because that’s exactly what we did as a big family when I was in China,” Wang said. “I don’t get the chance to do these with my family, but I have my club members, they are like my family.”

Bells Ringing
Throughout finals week, students heard everything from barking dogs to “Under the Sea” instead of bells between their class periods. Ms. Janet Avery, who runs the bells, used these unique bell tones because the new bell system was not set up for the first semester finals week schedule.
The construction of the new building came with a new PA, alarm, and bell system, and the rest of the school was reconfigured to match it. Since the system is new, staff and the company that runs the system haven’t yet set up all of the schedules for unusual days. The issue will be fixed by the spring semester finals in June.

APs and extracurricular tryouts
Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier moved the teachers’ deadline for 2018-2019 AP lists and specialty classes to April 2, the day after spring break.
She made this change in order to maximize the amount of time counselors have to develop the master schedule. In the past, counselors created a master schedule before tryouts and revised it later on when AP and extracurricularl lists were available. This change was intended to streamline the process. Assistant Principal Mr. Christopher Holmes is overseeing the process.
Teachers are holding their AP and extracurricular tryouts earlier in the semester in order to meet the deadline. Additionally, students will be submitting their class preferences after spring break instead of in March like in previous years.

About the Author

Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso
Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso is a TCHS junior and second year staff writer for Rampage. She writes articles, takes pictures, and does illustrations for the publication! She also edits and designs a monthly newsletter for Longden Elementary.



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