TCHS Rampage

Temple City High School


February 12, 2018

New security measures on campus

TCUSD adopted Raptor Scans, a security system, in Jan. of 2017.
Administration felt the need to implement the change in order to increase the general safety of students and staff.
In order for guests to come on campus, a staff member makes a request by filling out a guest approval form at least 48 hours prior to the visit, including the date and reason for the visit.
If administration approves the request, the guest’s name is added to a list that is given to the Campus Supervisors.
On the day of the visit, the Campus Supervisor on duty leads the guest to the office.
The visitor must have their California state issued Driver’s License or another form of state issued identification that can be scanned for criminal activity before they can be admitted onto campus.
Assistant Principal Mr. Christopher Holmes went over the procedures of Raptor Scans with the campus supervisors and Discipline Office Secretary Ms. Janet Avery.
Ms. Avery received hands-on training on how to operate the scanning system.
“I really don’t know about any cons, but I believe that the pros are that we have an idea of who’s on our campus,” Counselor Ms. Kristen Castro said. “Since everyone has to go through the same process, it’s fair to everybody who walks on campus.”

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