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Who did “It” better: the book or the movie?

Posted October 16, 2017 by Chris Klementich

The new film adaptation of Stephen King’s popular horror novel, “It,” has drawn in large audiences and has received positive feedback since its release, on Sept. 8. Read with caution! SPOILERS AHEAD! The Loser’s Club The story revolves around the town Derry and seven friends, Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan, who are […]

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control center

iOS 11 brings new additions

Posted October 16, 2017 by Pauline Bao

With the release of iOS 11 comes a number of new features. While many people rushed to download the latest update, some are skeptical about whether the new features are worth it. Control Center: Aside from a new design and layout, the Control Center has maintained most of its previous functions. Its previous design carried […]

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Caked with sweets

Posted October 16, 2017 by Alex Nguyen

Among the busy plazas and business centers along Atlantic Boulevard, one of LA’s cutest bakery shops may easily go by unnoticed. Nestled in the heart of Monterey Park, Caked LA is one of the most whimsical bakeries within the area, serving up a variety of delicious drinks, appetizers and desserts all adorned with childlike decor. […]

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