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Char-cool, creamy treat in the heat

Posted September 5, 2017 by Zoe Hsu

Activated charcoal soft serve has become a trendy, aesthetic food on social media. Drips and Swirls and Little Damage are two popular dessert shops well known for their charcoal soft serve. Drips and Swirls Located in Koreatown, Los Angeles in 8th Street Plaza, Drips and Swirls is a tiny, isolated shack favored for their soft […]

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Getting with the latest matcha hype

Posted April 17, 2017 by Thalia Loi

Matcha, a finely ground powder made from green tea, has been on a rise lately. Some places specialize in matcha, while others only feature it. Yum Creamery Yum Creamery is a newly opened ice cream spot in Arcadia that serves Thai-styled ice cream rolls with a wide variety of unique flavors and toppings. Each cup […]

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Build-your-own slices of happiness

Posted March 20, 2017 by Nicholas Sulistio

As one of America‚Äôs most popular foods, it is no wonder that different variations of pizza have popped up, including restaurants that allow you to build your own. Blaze Pizza Before even entering the building, Blaze Pizza has a classic and chill environment, with its classy logo and exterior design. On the inside, it is […]

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